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The US is quickly becoming a mosaic nation. According to the US Census, in approx. 20 years there will be no dominant group in America – we will live in a multicultural society!

More than thirty years ago, Mestiza Leadership International (MLI) was launched and had as its mission to “Prepare collaborative leaders for the multicultural and global age.”

Since then, MLI has provided services and developed diversity and leadership programs for thousands of people and hundreds of organizations across the country.  Some of these are featured on this website! Thank you for your support and confidence.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Virginia Commonwealth University

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Virginia Commonwealth University

Latino students at Harper Community College

Latino students at Harper Community College

Award Winning Books

A key contribution was the publication of two award winning books on leadership and diversity by Dr. Juana Bordas, MLI’S founder: Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age and The Power of Latino Leadership.

These books as well as other materials on teaching diversity have propelled MLI in a new direction and widened out scope and impact.

¿ Hablas Español?
The Spanish version of The Power of Latino Leadership available through Amazon as an ebook.

A New Direction for Mestiza

We are proud to announce that our new direction is producing resources, books, materials, and special initiatives that can be utilized by organizations, educational institutions, and business to create inclusive environments where diversity is embraced as an asset. 

Mestiza will be using robust social media platforms that can be easily accessed and offers videos, articles, interviews, and relevant information that can spark authentic conversations and learning. We will also be offering workshops and leadership programs on these materials as well as training people to deliver these products and programs.

 Join us in continuing our work in supporting the diverse, inclusive, multicultural society.

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Thirty years promoting multicultural and inclusive leadership. Muchas Gracias to our supporters!