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Juana Bordas

Juana Bordas
Inspirational Speaker, Best Selling Multicultural Leadership Author of "Salsa, Soul, and Spirit" and "The Power of Latino Leadership"
President of MLI
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    The Circle of Latina Leadership class is making
    a commitment to serving their community:

    Cecilia Alban, Brenda Burgos, Enrica Bustos, Gabriela Garcia-Marroquin, Alyssa Gomez, Nicolette Gonzales, Andrea Herrera Moreno, Elena Mendoza, Elizabeth Munoz, Susana (Susy) Osorio, Veronica Reyes, Rebecca Lynn Rosales, Dulce Saenz, Desirée Sanchez

    The Call to Leadership
    Whether it is building community capacity, nurturing organizations to address needs, or forging unity, the one essential ingredient to unite and empower the Hispanic community is competent and committed LEADERSHIP! Hispanics must expand their leadership core NOW to meet the challenge of our growing numbers!

    Latinas have a unique role to play in this advancement. They are the heart of the family, keepers of culture and faith, and active community volunteers. In the past twenty years, a core of Latinas has risen to leadership. To address the needs of our growing community, however, a greater number of Latinas need to be prepared to lead and serve. The Circle of Latina Leadership aspires to support and mentor this cadre of women.

    Founded by Juana Bordas in 2000, The Circle of Latina Leadership's mission is to "Prepare the Next Generation of Leaders." As a testament to the success of the program, the Circle is now directed by graduate Erika Reyes and administrated through the Denver Hispanic Chamber Educational Foundation.

    Participant Profile
    The Circle targets Latinas who are at least 25 years old and are emerging community and grass roots leaders who have a past history of community involvement and volunteerism. They should aspire to make a greater contribution. Ideal candidates want to learn, improve their skills, and be committed to work for the advancement of the Hispanic community. The Circle reflects the rich diversity of the Hispanic Community and includes women from nonprofits, education, government, and volunteers. Participants work with a mentor to complete a Community Action Project.

    Program Overview
    The Circle for Latina Leadership provides one hundred hours of leadership training including two weekend seminars, five Saturday programs, and five evening sessions.

    A unique training curriculum, Latina Leadership: Self-Empowerment and Community Advancement guides the process and includes: Personal Power & Identity; Latina Leadership Principles; Teamwork & Community Building; the Cultural & Spiritual Foundations of Leadership; Projecting a Powerful Image; Accessing Media and Public Speaking; Career Advancement.

    Participants are linked with a mentor who continues to guide their development and involvement in the community. The mentors assist with community action projects (CAP) that address critical issues in the Hispanic community.

    CLL is a program of the Institute for Mestiza Leadership. For more information, visit